Valentine’s Day 

What do you think about this day? Do you consider it a “Hallmark Holiday”? 

I’m one of those girls that loves Valentines and showing people love. BUT I also think love and kindness is something that should be shown on a daily basis. Being a Mom now, I find that it is my job to teach my daughter the importance of being kind and showing love to people everyday of our lives. It doesn’t always mean gifts and flowers. It means being there for someone. Supporting someone emotionally when someone might need to most. It’s about being a good person and having a good heart. 

I want her to learn that whatever she does in life, no matter what day or holiday it is do everything with love. But for now I will enjoy helping her with her Valentine’s for her friends at school or even making a card for her Daddy. Pinterest does have some cute ideas when it comes to homemade Valentines. When she gets a little older I hope to do some of these cute Valentine ideas. But for now I will just do the store bought Troll Valentines that she asks me to do since Poppy is all the craze these days. 

Happy Valentines Day! 

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