Disney First Timers – Part 1

I don’t know if I was considered the crazy planner when it came to our very first Disney trip, but I knew by my daughters 2nd Birthday that I couldn’t wait to start planning our Disney trip! My daughters birthday is at the beginning of March and it ended up working perfectly that we planned to go over her birthday when she turned 3 years olds. Luckily that time frame was right before the large Spring Break crowds!

DSCF4196 3

Here a few quick things I’m glad I did while planning!  It’s ok to plan early! It’s ok to be on top of things! My husband and I knew we wanted to plan early for a few reasons.

1. Budget $$$- We wanted to make sure we had this trip paid off when we could and early! Things can add up quickly when it comes to Disney. Between what hotel you pick & dining experiences planning early is super helpful to make sure you were able to do what you want!

2. Photo Pass – Being a photographer, I knew I would have my own camera with me, but spending the extra money on the Disney Photo Pass was important to me. My husband bought me an awesome “point and shoot” Fujifilm x70 (LOVE!) camera to take with me on trips so I wouldn’t have to luge all my gear with me. BUT my biggest worry was that I wouldn’t be in any of our pictures! They have people all over the park to catch your photo ops that you can just sit back and enjoy with your child without feeling obligated to take a photo.

3. Hotels – We ended up booking the Art of Animation resort and I know everyone has their on preference when it comes to hotels, but for our daughter it was the perfect option for us! She LOVES The Little Mermaid so staying in the standard Little Mermaid room was perfect! They have fun photo ops around the resort from Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars and of course The Little Mermaid areas. Best part, when you stay on a Disney Resort there are no worries about transportation! Disney Express to and from the airport and shuttles buses to the parks from your resort!


I will break down my trip more in another post about what I learned while in the actual parks! But hopefully this helped you a little. Research and PLAN AHEAD! It’s the best way to get the most of your trip!

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