What camera should I get?!

Being a photographer, one of the most popular questions I get from people is “What camera should I get?”. This can sometimes be a difficult question to answer! There are a few questions you have to ask yourself and what you want to capture with your camera first!Whether you are expecting your first child and don’t want to miss any milestones or you’re planning a trip and want an easy point and shoot so that you don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of extra gear! There are plenty of options to choose from but I can tell you what I personally love!

I had to do my research before choosing what I wanted to get. I had a point and shoot but it was getting old and I wanted something with close to the same quality as my professional Canon DSLR. I asked around to my photography friends and I’ve heard great things about Fujifilm and the film look to their cameras. I knew a lot of people who had the Fujifilm X100T . But I didn’t want to spend that amount on something I wanted to throw in my purse to carry with me. So when I asked about the Fujifilm cameras someone brought up the Fujifilm X70. It’s nice and tiny and does an awesome job! One thing I really knew I wanted was a point and shoot that had wifi so I could upload photos while I was out and about directly to my phone. That way I could post photos right away which was a huge plus! I also wanted the capability to shoot manual, BUT don’t worry! You can always put the camera on auto if you don’t want to worry about learning manual mode. Another perk to this camera was it can shoot amazing high-quality video!
I also discovered some additional accessories that I added to my camera. I got a unique wristband along with a lens hood to protect the lens while being in my purse. It does come with a lens cover, but the hood adds protection without me having to mess with a cap. I would totally rate this camera 5 out of 5 stars!! It’s so easy and the size is perfect so that I can take it everywhere with me!


Now if you are wanting a good entry level DSLR to take more “professional quality” pictures these are my recommendations: Canon makes a Rebel T5 camera and Nikon has D3400. I shoot Canon so I’m not super familiar with Nikon’s cameras. If photography is something you want to learn and eventually invest in, these are for sure stepping stone cameras. The pricing of these may look more appealing, but just remember, it’s a kit so it comes with a “kit lens” which is normally lower-end quality. I would highly recommend purchasing a 50mm 1.8 prime lens or 50mm 1.4. These are great lenses to learn on since they can get nice and wide at F/1.8. Without getting all technical, these lenses will help you learn the different settings that you can’t get with the kit lenses since the widest you can get on those are sometimes F/3.5 or F4. Just very limiting! Now the 50mm lens is a prime (fixed) lens, which means it cannot zoom. If you want to zoom in and out, your feet are your zoom! If you don’t want to buy it brand new, you can sometimes get lucky and find used lenses at camera stores or online. Just make sure you purchase it from a reliable seller.

EXTRA TIP: Regardless of what camera you want there is some basic knowledge that you should learn before you purchase any camera! The DSLRs can be overwhelming with ALL their features! Yes you can throw any camera in auto, but depending on the lighting it may cause your flash to go off and you may not want that.  My biggest advice for taking better pictures regardless of what camera you choose is to make sure you HAVE LIGHT if you don’t want your flash to go off while taking pictures! The more natural light the better! Making sure there is enough light in the room will help your camera to have quicker shutter speed so it can capture the image in focus and without movement.

There is a reason I stay behind the camera!

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to engage more with my clients. So I figured, “Why not make an intro video for when people contact me about their wedding day?” It will be super easy….. HA! I take it back! I take it all back! Just remember don’t take yourself too serious!