Class of 2018 – University of Michigan – Kelsey Kochan

Really quick “Super Proud Sister” blog post from me! (Sorry, not sorry!) I got to take some graduation photos of my sister earlier this week and now she graduates on Saturday! Quick backstory on us. I met her back when she was this little 12-year-old playing on the Nintendo Game Cube. She was cute, loud, and wanted to be the center of attention, like most little girls who grow up with all brothers! I know this because I have a brother who is 10 years older than me so it’s safe to say I wanted attention too! But to be honest, I was never the girl “that always wanted a sister”. But when I met my husband and his family I instantly fell in love with them and this super cute blonde girl basically wanted to be my best friend, I was smitten! We instantly clicked and ever since I’ve loved becoming closer and closer to her as years went on. After almost 13 years of knowing her, I’ve pretty much seen it all! But I knew I just had to be there for her as a Big Sister and give the best advice I could throughout her teenage years and young adulthood! Even though I know there might have been times, at that moment what I had said she didn’t necessarily want to hear it, I hope she can look back and think “dang it, you were right!”

I’m a true believer that everything you go through in life only makes you stronger, the good, the bad and the ugly! That all being said, I’m so incredibly proud of her and everything she has accomplished in her life so far! This girl is turned into one amazing & determined woman. Don’t tell her she can’t do something, because she will prove you wrong! She will be starting her graduate program in the fall at UofM for pharmacology! She has come a long way from that 12-year-old little girl I first met!

So this is my Thank You to you Kels! Thank you for being such an inspiring sister, aunt, and friend! Travis and I love you and can’t wait to see how you leave your mark in this crazy world and in science!